Friday 31 August 2018

My Month In Photos | August 2018

I'm going to be honest, August has felt like a really long drag of a month and I've been looking forward to it being over. That sounds quite dramatic and depressing, particularly when nothing bad has really happened, but lets just say it hasn't been my favourite time of this year. I've been really struggling with a low mood this month and it's felt like a big of struggle to motivate myself to do much. But then when I was getting the photos for this post ready it does in fact look like I've done quite a lot! However, I feel like a lot of time has been spent feeling bored and almost like I am just waiting for Autumn to arrive and for a fresh start.

I mentioned I have been struggling a bit with low moods and this prompted me to write about some of the things that have helped me to feel better - My Tips For Fighting Depression

It really does feel like Autumn is just around the corner now and the weather has gone a little crazy. I feel like we've had it all this month from extreme heat and sunshine, to rain and hail stones and the most insane sunsets! I'm happy for it though and so glad the heatwave is behind us. 

We have however tried to make the most of the last days of Summer with a couple of trips to a new adventure golf which has opened up near to where we live. If you're in Essex or close by I'd really recommend checking out 1066 Adventure Golf!

Andy and I enjoyed a day in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago and we went punting which is something we haven't done for years. It was a lot of fun and the perfect day for it! 

We also enjoyed an afternoon out exploring Brick Lane and we made a long awaited visit to The Vurger Co. East London is just getting better and better for vegans, it's hard to keep up with the ever changing scene and openings. 

It wouldn't be Summer without a trip to Brighton and we were lucky enough to escape down to the coast for a few days last week with the doggies. I don't think I will ever tire of everything Brighton has to offer and it was the perfect pick me up I needed. 

We also spent a night at the dog friendly Brighton Malmaison hotel at the Marina. 

The view from our room was just lovely! 

And we made it down to Eastbourne Air Show whilst we were in the area which is always a real highlight of Summer for us. It was great to see the Red Arrows two days running! 

I also discovered a new vegan friendly restaurant in Eastbourne - Half Man! Half Burger! who have an amazing vegan friendly selection of burgers on offer. 

A lot of time this month has been spent just chilling at home and I've been in quite a reflective state of mind and thinking a lot about what I want out of the rest of 2018. It feels like its been quite a transitional period for me and I've had some doubts and concerns arising over a few different things. It's lead to me taking a little backseat from blogging and being online as much which has actually been a positive as it's allowed me some time and space to breathe and reflect on things. 

Since the weather has been cooler we've also been able to snuggle up and get cosy indoors again which has been so nice. I do love my down time with cosy blankets and my dogs!

As I write this post I am preparing for our next adventure and our last trip of Summer 2018. At the end of this week we shall be setting off on a road trip to the South of France with our dogs and I really can't wait! We've never taken the dogs abroad before and although it's been a little stressful in sorting everything out for them, I think it will be worth it in the end and we're going to have so much fun. I've never been to the Cote D'Azur before and we're staying in Provence, which I hear is beautiful, so it will be really nice to explore a whole new place and soak up the last of some sunshine for this year.   

How has August been for you? 
Are you looking forward to Autumn as much as me!? 


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