Thursday 7 June 2018

Broadway Vegan Market | London

The last time I'd been to Broadway Market was around three years ago and before their separate Vegan Market even existed. I remember back then it was still really good for vegan food and for a long time now I have been really keen to make a return visit to check out this new addition spin off market. Last weekend presented the perfect sunny Saturday with no plans, so off we went in search of vegan comfort food!

On arrival at the market I was initially surprised by how small it was. I guess comparing it to recent markets I've been to, like the Vegan Nights event, I was maybe expecting a bit more. That being said there were probably around fifteen stalls and perhaps the wide open space of a school playground which it is situated in made it feel more sparse. Either way I was still excited to explore and see what was on offer! 

The first stall which really caught my eye was the Queen V Nacho Super Salad stand. I'd seen a photo of their nachos on Instagram before coming to the market and so I made a beeline for them straight away. 

I couldn't leave without trying a box of Queen V's loaded nachos which are packed with tortilla chips, cheez sauce, creamy slaw and salad, the most incredible looking pink hummus and guoc, and pulled BBQ jackfruit with black beans. There was a lot going on in these nachos and they're were really delicious. I'd definitely get these again! 

Andy was lured in by these amazing looking hot dogs by Clever Sausage. We were able to sample some small pieces before he decided what one to go for and both the texture and flavour were really great. 

Whenever we go to markets like this we always like to get a few small dishes to take home with us to enjoy later for dinner and on this occasion we couldn't resist going in for a mixed box of dishes from Veeg London. All in all there were a couple of different curried dishes along with vegan meatballs which were served with rice and bulger wheat. It all smelt and looked divine! 

Some other hot dogs which looked amazing were on the Mahi stand. We were both very tempted to go in for one of these but we were already feeling full up and these definitely wouldn't have transported home very well! 

Another stand which really drew me in was the Filipino Vegan Oh My Gulay who had a whole host of different dishes on display and all of which looked incredible. 

In the end I decided to get a box of their 'Pancit' noodles to take home with me for later and I'm so glad I did because they were divine! 

It was really nice to explore the market and to see everything which was on offer. Everyone working there were super friendly and nice in offering us lots of samples of their dishes to try! Someone also mentioned that some of the regular stall holders were on holiday so I was left under the impression that the vendors can change quite regularly and perhaps there are more stalls at different times.  

Savoury spiced superfood cauliflower and quinoa cakes with lentil biryani, 
    mint and apple chutney and soya yogurt raita by Kally Cooks.

The traditional British chippy stand Shakey Shakey had some incredible looking 'fish' dishes on offer. 

Yummy looking hummus by Moist

There were also some sweet treats on offer in the shape 
of gorgeous looking cakes from Bake Empire.

Norah's Brownies were also very tempting! 

If you do visit Broadway Vegan Market its worth me telling you to definitely make sure you visit the main market too as there are an abundance of vegan friendly foods available here, plus lots of other interesting stalls and shops to browse.  

One stall in the main market which immediately caught our attention was the Urban Falafel stand which had an incredible display of food. Their falafels looked amazing so we were quick to order ourselves a vegan bowl to take home with us. 

I was also really surprised and happy to find Crosstown Doughnuts at Broadway Market. I've been meaning to try their vegan doughnuts for a while now and I was excited to see that they had four different vegan options on offer. I decided to go for one lemon and one coconut creme doughnut to take home with me and I can confirm they were as tasty as they look! 

It really was interesting seeing how many other vegan stands and dishes were on offer and dotted around the main market. There was so much to choose from it was a little overwhelming and this definitely made up for my initial slight disappointment at the size of the actual vegan market. 

I also stumbled across Twigs which is a cafe and plant shop combined. If I hadn't been so full from everything we'd been enjoying this is definitely somewhere I would have loved to visited properly. I couldn't resist popping my head inside to take a snap of all of their plants!

We had a really nice afternoon mooching around Broadway Market and it was great to re-visit it again and see the new Vegan Market for myself. This area is just buzzing and so busy on a Saturday, it really is a sensation overload! It's well worth checking out if you're ever in East London and looking to try lots of different vegan foods. Theres also London Fields just opposite the market which makes a beautiful spot for relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a little picnic. I'd also recommend popping your head in the close by Netil Market too which is a great spot for a drink and is home to some lovely quirky stalls and shops. 

Have you been to Broadway Vegan Market yet? 


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