Monday 9 April 2018

Where I Buy My House Plants | Interiors

It's no secret that I love my house plants and I especially love spending time browsing plant shops and garden centres, even if i'm not buying anything. Opening my own plant shop is a little dream I have in my head and something I quite like to fantasise about quite a lot lately! Anyway, for those of you who are a little plant obsessed like myself I thought it would be handy to write about some of my favourite places to go plant shopping.

Perrywood Garden Centre

If you were to ask me where my favourite house plant shop is I would have to undoubtedly say it's Perrywood's. Their house plant section is just out of this world and their prices are also really competitive. Let's just say I never leave empty handed! I also love visiting Perrywood's because it's like a day out in itself. It's so nice to browse the entire garden centre and homeware shop. They also have a lovely cafe which happens to have a great vegan menu too. Well worth a visit! 

Columbia Road Flower Market

Although busy and popular, Columbia Road Flower Market is another great place to pick up house plants as well as flowers and all kinds of different plants. It's quite a weather dependent activity and only open on Sunday mornings, which limits the amount of times I visit, but whenever I do I just love to browse all of the plants and take photos of all the pretty flowers. 

Conservatory Archives 

If you're in the area or visiting Columbia Road Flower Market i'd really recommend a ten minute walk up the road where you will find the gorgeous Conservatory Archives shop. Be warned, there's not much room to move around in there because of all the plants and especially if it's busy with people, but they have an amazing selection of plants and pots. 

Just around the corner from the Conservatory Archives you will also find the Flower Warehouse which is again a plant lovers dream! I actually prefer this shop to the latter because it's still packed with gorgeous plants but just a little more spacious. 

N1 Garden Centre 

I recently visited the N1 Garden Centre and really loved their display of plants, particularly their giant monstera's. It really is a beautiful shop but definitely more on the pricer side.

Van Hage Garden Centre

Prior to finding Perrywoods, Van Hage's was my previous all time favourite garden centre. Their indoor plant section is nowhere near as big as what's available at Perrywoods, but they do have a really gorgeous selection of house plants plus a beautiful homeware section and a decent cafe. 

Urban Jungle Suffolk 

Urban Jungle Suffolk, and their sister branch in Norfolk, are a must for any plant enthusiasts like myself. I finally got to visit last week after it had been on my hit list for so long and it was well worth the two hour drive to Beccles! The cafe area was a particular favourite of mine as the whole area is just immersed with a whole host of different plants, all of which you can purchase. It really does feel like a jungle!

Poplar Nurseries

I only recently discovered Poplar Nurseries near Colchester in Essex and I already know it's going to become a favourite for me. Their house plant section is quite small compared to the likes of Perrywoods but they do have a really fine selection of plants and quite a wide variety too. It's well worth checking out if you're ever in the area!

B&Q & Homebase

A bit of a random one but I am always amazed at how good the house plant sections are in B&Q and Homebase and by how reasonably priced everything is. It's well worth checking out your local branches if you're looking for a quick plant fix! 

Where do you love to buy house plants?

I'd love to hear some of your own recommendations! 


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  1. I visited Perrywoods a few weeks ago and loved it and I'm desperate to visit Urban jungle xxx


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