Tuesday 18 October 2016

Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

So you've probably already heard about Lush's 2016 Halloween releases that everyone has been talking about over the few couple of weeks? If not where have you been!? And how did you miss this!? 
Anyway, I made a point of heading over to my nearest Lush store on the day of release as I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of their Autumnal bath time treats! I also made a point of only picking up vegan friendly products from the range and I didn't buy absolutely everything on offer, only the items that personally took my fancy. 

In the bloggersphere there's been a major rush for everyone to get their views, opinions and reviews out on these products in record time but I've decided to take my time a bit because quite frankly I wasn't prepared to just throw these products into a bowl of water and not even get to enjoy them for myself. Where would the fun be in that!? I also wanted to offer up a really honest, non sponsored and thorough review after experiencing them for myself. And by experiencing I mean immersing myself in the bath tub with them!

I think the Autumn Leaf bath bomb was the one I was most excited about prior to using. It looks stunning! I also loved the colours of it and couldn't wait to see what it was going to do in the bath tub. 

When I first dropped it into my tub I noticed that this one is a real slow fizzer. I think it took just over 6 minutes in total to completely dissolve which felt like an eternity whilst I was watching it. That being said it certainly made some pretty bath art whilst it fizzed away. 

The overall smell of this bath bomb wasn't amazing for me. I found it quite manly and musky which, although quite autumnal, didn't really appeal to me to bathe in. It also resulted in the bath water being a slightly murky yellow colour which again I didn't love. 

All in all I think the Autumn Leaf bath bomb was much prettier and appealing for me before I actually used it. The final bath experience didn't quite hit the spot for me.  

Rating - 6/10 

Pumpkin Bath Bomb

I had a suspicion that the pumpkin bath bomb wouldn't disappoint me in any way and thankfully I was right. 

To smell, this pumpkin is everything you would expect and hope for from a Lush bath bomb. It's just bursting with fragrance and vibrancy! 

Once in the bath it fizzed away in lightening quick speed and left my bath water a delicious looking bright orange colour.  

For me the best thing about this bath bomb, apart from it's cute face, is the smell. It's sweet, spicy and comforting. It really encapsulates everything about this time of year so well and it left me feeling suitably relaxed. 

Rating - 8/10

After having heard so many fellow Lush fan's rave about Lord of Misrule I was really interested to see what all the fuss was about with this bath bomb. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed at all!

This bath bomb was the full spectacle I had hoped it would be, and more. It fizzed up quickly and moved around my bath tub like it was possessed, leaving a trail of super bright pink and green bubbles behind it. A nice little surprise for me was also the sound of popping candy which I hadn't expected. That also got my cats intrigued with what was going on!

I really enjoyed the smell of this bath bomb but for me the lovely spicy and earthy smell completely faded away once it had been submerged into the water. I was a little disappointed but maybe this was just a duff one?

All in all this bath bomb creates some rather special bath art which is always worth getting the camera out for. I also loved the deep red wine colour it left my bath after I got in with it. It certainly felt quite Halloween'esq!

Rating - 9/10

I honestly found it quite hard to actually pop this little guy into the bath tub. I had got used to his cute little face staring up at me from my bathroom basket for a good couple of weeks. I was sad to see him go, but at the same time I wanted to experience what little Boo could do for me!

Bath melts are of course different to bath bombs and, unlike their somewhat more exciting relative, there is far less of a spectacle when it comes to using them. But what the bath melt lacks in exposition it more than makes up for in performance.

Boo the bath melt was another slow burner, slowly melting away and dissolving to result in an almost eerie but beautifully cloudy white bath water.

The main thing I love about this bath melt is just how creamy it is. Even to hold between your fingers it feels as though it could easily melt away. The somewhat earthy / floral smell is also incredible and I would even go as far as to say it's one of my all time favourite Lush fragrances.

My skin felt so good after using this bath melt and noticeably softer and smoother.       

Rating - 8/10

Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

As it turned out, I had unknowingly saved the best until last. I hadn't really heard much about Monsters Ball so I think I went in with no expectations but if anything this made me even more surprised and excited about what unfolded in front of me. 

The colours that came out of this bath bomb were an incredible mix of bright blue, pink and purple. My bath tub has never looked so magical! I almost didn't want to step into the water and ruin the psychedelic art it had created. The final deep purple colour of the bath water was amazing to bathe and relax in, I didn't want to get out. 

Smell wise Monsters Ball is quite floral and citrusy with one of the main ingredients being lime oil. This was definitely a lasting scent too which I could still smell on my skin later. I found it to be both uplifting and relaxing all at the same time.    

Rating - 10/10

I hope you've all enjoyed my in depth review of these products and I hope it's helped you to decide what ones to spend your hard earned money on. Next month i'll be carrying out a similar review of Lush's Christmas offerings so keep an eye out for that (I refuse to blog anything Christmas related until Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone - sorry!).

If you'd like to watch me picking up this Lush haul and offering my first impressions of these products then head over to my YouTube channel to watch my Lush Halloween haul vlog

What's been your favourite product from Lush's 2016 Halloween collection? 


  1. The monster one looks amazing!! I do love a good purple bath :) He also reminds me of Mike from Monsters Inc :) The pumpkin one also looks super cute although the colour it turns the water always puts me off the orange bath bombs etc :) xo


    1. The Monsters Ball one definitely ticked all the boxes for me Hayley! :-) The colours were crazy good! Thanks for reading xx

  2. I love Lush! Their Halloween 2016 line is so cute! ♥


    1. You & me both! I think I prefer the Halloween collection over the Christmas one xx

  3. I adore Lush's Halloween products! They're so adorable. Plus, Lord Of Misrule is my favorite scent from them!

    1. So do I Erin! I have so much love for the Halloween collection over any other I think. I'm so glad I lost my Lord of Misrule virginity finally! xx

  4. Lush Halloween 2016 is spot on this year! My favourite is definitely Monster's Ball though :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I agree Yasmina! And yep Monsters Ball definitely ticked all the right boxes for me. Those colours were insanely good :-D xx

  5. Oooh Lord of Misrule looks amazing and I love the picture of your kitties peeking into the tub. I totally want to grab a Monster's Ball bomb now too, I love citrusy scents.


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