Thursday 13 October 2016

Autumn Makeup Look

This month vegan friendly and cruelty free cosmetics brand Arbonne got in touch with me to see if I would like to try out any of their makeup items. Having only ever tried their skincare in the past I was interested to find out what their makeup is like and it also gave me the idea to create a Autumn makeup look for my blog.

Arbonne sent me over one of their new It's All In The Eyes Eyeshadow Duo's in the shades Buff & Sequoia, and also one of their cocoa eye liner's. When the products arrived I was really over the moon with the shades they had chosen for me as they are a perfect match to my colourings and similar to the shades of eye makeup that I usually go for. They are also very Autumnal colours making them perfect for a makeup look for this season!

I really enjoyed putting this makeup look together and I absolutely loved using these new Arbonne products. I think the swatches below give you a really good indication as to how these shades look on your skin and the kind of tones they are.

When using the eyeshadow duo I could immediately tell that this is a great quality product. The eyeshadow is well pigmented and applied to my eyelids effortlessly. I also found that it blended really well with very little fallout onto my face. Any eyeshadow palettes that I already own contain a number of different shades so I found using a small and compact duo palette like this really easy and it certainly cut down on anytime spent deciding on what shades to use together.

These two shades really compliment each other so well. I used the lighter shade all over my eyelid, taking it slightly higher onto my brow bone. I then used the darker shade in my crease which helped to make the look a little more dramatic. I really like that these shadows have an ever so slight shimmer to them which makes them a little bit more dimensional than a plain matte shadow.

I think these eyeshadows would also be really useful for a daytime going into nighttime look. I would choose to wear the lighter shadow during the day for a more natural look, and then add in the darker shade for the alternating evening look.

It's also worth noting that once you own one of these eyeshadow duo cases you can easily change up the shades you want to use by popping the shadows out from the case. You can buy individual shadows from Arbonne which you can then use in this duo case meaning you don't have to throw it away once you use it up.

I tend to mainly use pencil eyeliners which require sharpening or ink / pen based ones. I don't actually own an eye liner like this which comes in a pen like container and you twist upwards to use. In my opinion it has a pencil like consistency to it but with a more creamy texture meaning it glides across your eyelid more effortlessly.

Again I found this eye liner really easy to use and I quite like the non-hassle aspect of not having to sharpen it. This also means that it's less messy to use as sometimes I do find that pencil eye liners will have some residue on them after sharpening which does at times get in my eyes.

I used the Arbonne eyeliner on my top lid to add more definition to my look. I also used it more gently on my waterline which is where I usually wear my eyeliner. I found this eyeliner worked well in both areas but I did have to apply more pressure and more coats in order to get a visible top lid line over the eyeshadow.

I was really happy with the overall look I was able to create with these makeup items and I know that this is a look I am going to recreate time and time again throughout the Autumn season. I've also been very impressed by my first ever try of Arbonne's makeup and this is definitely a brand I would go back to again. It is a little more expensive than what I usually pay for high street brands but there's no denying that their products are really great quality and what you would expect from a more high end brand.   

Other cruelty free makeup featured in this look:

What do you think of this makeup look?
Have you tried any Arbonne makeup yet?

I'd love to know if you have any other recommendations for me!
* This blog post is in association with Arbonne. 
All views & opinions expressed are completely my own. 


  1. Lovely photos and great post! The eye shadow compact looks like the perfect size not too big not too small! The shades look beautiful and really compliment you! I have never heard of this brand but will certainly be checking them out :)

    1. If I can help with any questions about the Arbonne range Hayley, I would love to assist :-)
      Arbonne Independent Consultant

    2. Ahh thanks Hayley! Your comments are so lovely! xx

  2. Oooo, I've not heard of this brand before but I love the sound of these products! I love the look you have created! It is indeed very autumnal, I love it! I might have to treat myself to a couple of the eye shadows! xx 💗

    1. Thank you so much Maisie! <3 Their eye shadows are so lovely, I can't stop wearing this combo at the moment! xx

    2. Hi Maisie Gibbons if you would like to try Arbonne's beautiful Vegan cosmetics or skincare, I would love to send you some samples. I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant, based in the U.K. If you would like a browse through our fabulous products, here is a link to my website:
      Many Thanks
      Ps. Love your blog, looks fantastic x

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  4. Have you ever tried any of Arbonne's fabulous range Killtan Roy?

  5. However, finding one might be a bit daunting today that is why Express Skin Care and Beauty Products are here to cater these needs. Have a peek at these guys

  6. Great post and amazing photographs. I liked your lip colour. I would also like to try this look very nice and gorgeous makeup look for autumn.
    Lifecell Anti Aging Cream :)


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