Tuesday 5 April 2016

Papergang Box by Oh Deer

I've been an Oh Deer customer for some time now and i'm a big fan of the wide ranging and eclectic stationery that they offer. They are definitely my 'go to' online shop for when I need to stock up on greeting cards, notebooks and quirky gifts. They stock a number of different illustrators work and it's all a little bit more diverse than what you would find on the high street.   

I was really excited when I saw Oh Deer announce on Instagram that they were starting up the new  Papergang subscription box and I knew straight away that I had to sign myself to receive the first box.

Just like other subscription boxes, the Papergang offers a different box each month with a varying selection of surprise stationery which will include things such as cards, desk accessories, notebooks and art prints. The products will also be exclusive to Papergang before going on sale within the Oh Deer shop. 

The box is priced at £9.95 a month + £1.95 pp for UK customers or you also have the choice of paying in advance for a number of months which saves you a few pounds. At present they don't offer the ability to buy a one off box but you can cancel your subscription at any time so you can just do what I did which was subscribe but then cancel after the box has been received.    

There's been lots of little teasers on Instagram as to the kind of items the box will contain which has really built up some suspense and anticipation for the first box which finally got delivered to me last week!

Inside The Box:

Papergang iron on membership patch

Ella Bailey birthday card

Sophie Corrigan greeting card

Gemma Correll birthday card

Georgiana Paraschiv notebook

Georgiana Paraschiv sheet of wrapping paper 

Oh Deer notebook

2 x pencils 

I think as far as value for money goes this box is good value. I'm pretty sure the greeting cards alone would have cost me nearly £8.00! The quality of the products is also excellent. These are all products that I know I will get great use from, although i'm not sure if they would warrant me singing up on a monthly basis. I could see myself ending up with more stationery than I know what to do with! So for me personally, this is much more the kind of box which i'd perhaps like to purchase 3 or 4 times a year.

I have to admit that I felt a little disappointed with the greeting cards but that's only because they're cards which I have purchased in the past and it would have been great to receive something totally new. This also goes against the comments on the Papergang website about the contents being exclusive to this box. But that's just my situation and i'm sure if you're not a regular Oh Deer customer then you will be amazed by everything in the box. 

It also would have been great if this box had included some kind of menu card to explain what was inside the box. It's all quite self explanatory but I always think that it's a nice touch when a membership letter and contents description is included. It's also makes it easier to ensure you have all the correct details for when writing a review just like this!

My only other minor complaint would be that the box wouldn't quite fit through my letter box which makes it a bit of a pain if you don't happen to be at home to receive it. I'm sure they could maybe reduce this in size to make it easier for everyone as this is something I love about my Lucky Dip Club box. It also means that you get your box at the same time as everyone else making any spoilers less likely.

The Papergang box is definitely something I would look at buying again in the future and perhaps once I find myself running low on a few of my desk essentials. It would also make a great gift for someone else. I do think though that it would be beneficial if they just allowed people to buy a one off box as it removes the palava of having to subscribe and unsubscribe!

So what do you think? Will you be signing yourself up to become a member of the Papergang? 


  1. There are so many subscription boxes on the market at the minute and it's so hard to decide what to go for! Beauty boxes, food boxes, stationary boxes...

    This looks like one I'd probably go for as a one off though, too!

    Victoria | dearvictoria.co.uk

    1. This is a great box if you love and need to stock up on stationery! But yep I agree there are a lot of boxes now, it's hard to choose x


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