Tuesday 19 April 2016

Arm The Animals Clothing

I was recently contacted by Arm The Animals and asked if I would like to review their clothing line on my blog. This is a company who aim to promote animal rights activism through fashion so of course I was quick to say yes! 

Arm The Animals, who are based out of LA, are a non profit organisation who donate a portion of all of their proceeds to "no kill' animal rescue centres. They have helped over 50 different animal welfare organisations so far and often choose to help the smaller ones where any financial donation makes a bigger difference. So by shopping from them you are also supporting such a worthwhile and meaningful cause which helps so many animals.

Out of the entire range of clothing this 'Beauty Not Cruelty' vest top really stood out to me because it's so on point with everything I try to support and promote through this lifestyle blog. By leading a cruelty free lifestyle and shopping for cruelty free products you can still totally achieve beauty without any animals having to suffer or pay the ultimate price. It's just about making a more conscious decision about who you shop from!

The vest itself is really nice quality and it's definitely something I can see myself wearing this Summer with jeans or on the beach. It's super soft and lightweight too making it comfy to wear. I also love the cute bunny floral design of this vest top! I would say sizing comes up on the small side so if you do make an order maybe pick a size up depending on how tight you like your clothes fitted.

Other favourites of my own include their 'Protect, Respect, Repeat' tee which is perfect for anyone like me who detests Sea World and the enslavement of our marine life. I also adore this 'Say No To Testing Beagle' lightweight sweatshirt which supports the amazing work that The Beagle Freedom Project do. To be honest there are probably 5 or 6 items from their online shop that I would love to own! They have some great designs all with their own positive message worth sharing.   

I really love this company's whole ethos and their commitment to help animals through a non aggressive or militant approach. They simply see the terrible situation facing millions of innocent animals and they want to help which I completely commend.

I have quite a few items of clothing already which promote kindness to animals and living cruelty free and I always feel that it's a really positive way of conveying a message to others around you without having to get into any kind of heated debate. It's a subtle form of animal activism which is perfect for any introverts like me! I also love how clothing of this kind can bring you together with other people who share your ethics. I can't tell you the amount of times i've had someone nice approach me to offer me a little high five for supporting animals rights.

I really encourage you all to have a browse of Arm The Animals online shop and do let me know if there are any designs you love or any clothing you'd like to purchase. Arm The Animals have kindly offered a discount code for all of my readers so if you do want to make a purchase just make sure you enter VNICE at checkout to get 10% off your order.

Arm The Animals are also running a great competition throughout the whole of April in honour of Earth Day where you have a chance of winning their entire “Operation Preservation” collection! To enter all you need to do is repost any of their 'Operation Preservation' images and use the hashtags #earthday #earthday2016 and #ataearthday for a chance to win! The images can be found by looking at the Arm The Animals Instagram page or by searching the hashtag #ataearthday. You can post as many times as you like but your page must be public in order for them to see your posts.

Please share this blog post with your friends and help to raise awareness about this super little organisation! 


  1. Omg these are amazing! I've never come across these before. It probably sounds really silly but I often find that some activist t-shirts aren't my style - I know it should be about that but it's so true! The beauty not cruelty shirt is just the cutest thing ever though :). I would totally invest in one of these!


    1. I get that Jess! I mean it's got to be I keeping with your overall style if you want to wear it. That's why I loved this vest as it really suits me :-) xx

  2. So cute! I want so many of these designs! That bunny for sure and looking at their site the pitbull family shirt would be a great gift for me husband❤️

    1. Really glad you like them too Lucy! :-) Happy shopping xx


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