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In a change to my regular routine I have decided to mix things up a little this year and try out a number of different lifestyle and subscription boxes. As many of you will know I cancelled my beloved Vegan Kind subscription box at the end of 2015 after being a loyal customer for over a year and as sad as I was to do this I was also excited to find out what other boxes were out there on the market.

A number of you tweeted me to tell me that I needed to try the vegan option from LIFEBOX so they were first on my hit list to order from in January. I was really amazed to see how many of you recommended this box to me so it's clearly another favourite which I was really excited to try out for myself.

Aside from the popular vegan cleanse box, LIFEBOX offer a number of different subscription services including an everyday box,  a women's health box which is specifically targeted towards active and health conscious women and even a box for the little person in your life.

One of the first things that really appealed to me about LIFEBOX was the fact that you don't necessarily have to subscribe in order to buy one of their boxes as they also offer an option to purchase a trial box from the 5th of every month. Sometimes the idea of signing up to a subscription can be off putting, even when you can cancel at any point, so the fact that you can buy this box as a one off whenever it takes your fancy is ideal.

In the past my vegan subscription box purchases have been targeted more so towards the idea of snacking and treats opposed to being super healthy so the whole 'wellness' concept behind LIFEBOX does set it apart from other boxes i've tried like The Vegan Tuck Box. If you happen to be looking for some vegan junk food you certainly won't find any within LIFEBOX's cleanse box, as the name would suggest!

The vegan cleanse box features 'a balanced selection of delicious and nutritious clean eats to cleanse and rejuvenate through the changing seasons'. Each box will contain a minimum of 12 products which are designed to easily fit into your every day lifestyle. To subscribe for 12 months will cost you £19.95 a month + pp or a £239.40 lump sum payment (free postage). A one off trial box purchase is priced at £20.95 +pp.

When my cleanse box arrived I was impressed to find that it included not 12 but 13 products! I had already received more than I had bargained for which was a pleasant surprise. I also really liked the clean and contemporary styling of the box which makes it feel very current. Inside the box were a few brands who I recognised and many which I didn't so I was pleased to be introduced to some totally new products. Along with all of the products, customers also receive a nicely presented menu card which details every item in the box and a recipe card which encourages you to make good use of some of the products included.    

Included within the January New Year 'Wellness' box were the following items:

1 x Greedy Goddess Smoothie Bites
These smoothie bites are made from fruits & vegetables that have been pureed & freeze dried. I'd never tried these prior to receiving them within my LIFEBOX and I found them to be so unusual. They have a honeycomb like texture which melts in your mouth and they're bursting with flavour. I found them to be a little on the sweet side and personally I prefer a savoury snack but I was glad I got to try them out for myself.

1 x Aquapax Water
Aquapax is one of the purest mineral waters in the world, with a near perfect 7.065pH natural low mineral balance and practically no (trace) nitrates. This water is sealed from light and air, in a non-leaching, majority paper, carton which is more sustainable to produce opposed to their plastic bottled rivals. There really isn't anything to dislike about water and trying this product has definitely made me think about buying more sustainable bottled water going forward.    

1 x Raw Co Coconut Flour
Coconut flour is a delicious and healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fibre and low in digestible carbohydrates. Coconut flour is also high in protein and contains lauric acid which helps to support our body’s immune system. I'd never heard of coconut flour until now so I am looking forward to trying it in the pancake recipe included in the box.

1 x Manna Superfood Jar of Moringa
Moringa leaf is most commonly known as an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on sugar, and so it is thought to be more sustained. Moringa is also thought to be soothing, many believing it helps lower blood pressure and aids sleep. I don't usually add any supplements to my smoothies and I initially had concerns that I would be able to taste the powdery texture but it blended in very well. I was also worried that I may be able to taste the  Moringa as it has quite a strong herbal smell about it but again I was pleasantly surprised. After only using it a couple of times I can't say that I felt any recognisable differences in my energy levels but it's certainly got me thinking more about the benefits of including supplements such as this into my diet. Perhaps over more long term use I would be more likely to feel the benefits and I could certainly do with an energy boost!

1 x TeaPigs Matcha On The Go Sachet
According to Teapigs these single serve sachets are ideal for people who want an energy boost at any time of day. You can keep them in your drawer, in your handbag whilst you’re on-the-go or stash them in your sports bag for a matcha fix at the gym. You just pour the matcha sachet into hot or cold water and whisk/shake before drinking. I'm aware of the Teapigs brand but i'd never seen these handy little sachets before now. I decided to try my sachet of matcha in a mug of hot water and it was really enjoyable. The matcha flavour was nice and subtle and despite it's bright green colour, which was initially a little off-putting, it worked as a great afternoon 'pick me up'. 

1 x Teatonics Mind Awakening Yerba Mate Energy Tea
These teabags contain South American super-herb yerba mate, blended with citrus and mint for morning vitality and focus. I always love receiving tea bags in subscription boxes and I have liked Teatonics teabags in the past so this was a great product for me. I am yet to try the tea itself but from smelling inside the packet I already know it will be one that I like as it includes two flavours which I adore - orange and lemon.

Lifebox “Sprout your Own Kit” Black Sunflower Seeds
LIFEBOX say that everything “sprouted” is set to be hot in 2016 with sprouted foods thought to lower the GI, increase the vitamin levels and assist our absorption of the nutrients within them. Sunflower seeds are a good source of linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid. Sunflower seeds are also a good source of Vitamin E, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and minerals (including magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium). I was happy to see that these came with some instructions and i'm excited to sprout my own seeds. I used to buy a small and expensive packet of sprouted seeds from the supermarket so it will be great to grow my own and enjoy with a nice healthy meal. 

1 x Pollen & Grace Bliss Balls – Coconut & Maca
I've tried a few different energy balls in the past but none as nice as these! The coconut and maca work really nicely alongside the added cinnamon and they're a great little healthy and filling snack.

1 x Be Balanced Raw Chocolate Bark with reishi mushroom, pistachio & cacao nibs
Reishi is thought to have many medicinal benefits including improving our immune system, lowering blood pressure and helping with conditions such as asthma and anxiety. I have to admit that I really wasn't sure what to make of this chocolate bark when I saw the word 'mushroom' in the ingredients. However, on tasting I was relieved to discover that this chocolate didn't taste of mushrooms! Instead it was rich and nutty as expected. Personally, this dark chocolate was just a little bit too strong and bitter for me but i'm sure there are many people who would enjoy it. It also lists 'raw honey' as an ingredient which i'm pretty sure wouldn't be considered as vegan by the vast majority.

1 x Primroses Kitchen Raw Courgette & Cacao Granola Pot
The combo of delicious whole foods in this granola are slowly dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients & enzymes. It can be enjoyed straight from the tub or with cold/hot milk. I had a little nibble of this whilst writing this blog review and it was really tasty and great to snack on.   

1 x Of The Earth Superfood Porridge Pot – Green
This breakfast is made from 50% superfoods and 50% ultra-thin gluten free organic oats with nutrient dense ingredients. The organic 'Power of Green Pot' is said to be the ultimate morning booster. Blue algae spirulina is used for the high protein level and green Matcha tea gives it an anti-oxidant boost. It's also sweetened naturally with Lucuma powder and raw coconut nectar. One of the best things about this porridge pot is how convenient it is as you can just add water or milk to the pot and use the handy little spoon inside to enjoy it. It would be perfect to take with you on your commute or to work. Once again the green colour of the porridge was a little off putting for me and it smelt very herbal which I wouldn't usually expect from a porridge. On trying the porridge I decided to make it with some hot water and unfortunately it wasn't very enjoyable at all. It was extremely stodgy and formed itself into a big sticky ball. Taste wise it also didn't tick any boxes for me and tasted too much like herbal tea. I would however be interested to try other flavours from this range.

1 x Almighty Foods Raw Chocolate Bar White Caramello
This was probably my favourite item from the cleanse box. I've tried Almighty Foods vegan chocolate in the past and loved it and i'm pleased to say that this bar also didn't disappoint. I don't think i've ever tried white cacao before now and I expected it to look like white chocolate but instead this bar was more caramel in colour. This chocolate is unbelievably smooth and really melts in your mouth. It's  delicious, comforting and moreish - everything you'd hope for from a chocolate fix!   

1 x Lifebox Organic Amaranth
Amaranth contains more protein than any other gluten free grain and more protein than wheat! You can try it as an alternative to pasta or rice. I am yet to try my sachet of Amaranth but when I do I shall follow the recipe LIFEBOX provided and use it to make some porridge.

The Natural Deodorant Co. Clean Deodorant Balm Lemon & Geranium
 This deodorant smells amazingly good! It's also the first deodorant I have come across that is in the form of a balm. It's easy to apply to your armpits and I found it to have lovely moisturising qualities too. It done a really good job of keeping my under arm area feeling clean and fresh all day and I really can't get enough of the fragrance.

On the whole I have been impressed by a lot of what the cleanse LIFEBOX offers up. It definitely appears to be great value for money and you certainly receive a wide variety of diverse products. I also really like how they offer up different boxes which are specifically targeted towards your individual needs and the fact that they positively encourage more healthy eating amongst children.   

On a personal level I feel that this particular box is a little bit on the 'too healthy' side for my own liking. I wish I was the kind of health focused person who enjoys such varied flavours because the health benefits of many of these ingredients and products are really amazing. But in order for me to really enjoy something and want to buy it again it has to taste right which quite a few of these products didn't quite do for me. That being said, I follow quite a few vegans on social media who I know would absolutely love this box so it really does just come down to personal tastes. 

What's your favourite vegan subscription box? 
Would the cleanse LIFEBOX be the right choice for you? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts!  
All views and opinions expressed within this review are completely my own and this product was purchased by myself. 


  1. I am definitely going to have to try this - it looks brilliant! - Tasha


  2. I have actually been contemplating doing a cleanse myself. Not for weight loss either, but just to detox somewhat and try to counter the effects of some bad habits. This one sounds pretty good
    aloe and mucus cleanser


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