Tuesday 12 January 2016


Cleaning products may often be a slight after thought when making the move over to a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle. I know from my own experience that I first tackled food and my eating habits and the next priority was to look at my beauty products and cosmetics. It was months down the line before I started to research and make better decisions around my household products. And there's nothing wrong with that. Completely changing every aspect of your lifestyle is such a huge transition which can feel really overwhelming at times so I found it more practical to tackle it one piece at a time. Ultimately you have to just do what works best for you and, despite how others may make you feel online, there is no rule book!

I'll admit that a big factor for me when choosing what products to use is ease and convenience. Probably like most of you reading this, I like to do one big weekly shop online where I buy all of my food and household products in one go. I also only ever tend to shop between three supermarkets - Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Ocado. However, since their highly irritating series of Christmas TV ads Tesco's haven't seen a great deal of me recently! Convenience is a big deal for me and although i'm sure there are countless wonderful products available at other smaller and independent shops, I really don't want to be ordering from numerous different places.

Over the past year I have tried a number of different vegan and cruelty free household products, from small independent businesses and including the bigger more well known brands such as Ecover, Method and Ecozone. It's great to see so much choice now within this section of the supermarket as I'm sure when I first went vegan there really wasn't a great deal to choose from and anything which was friendly to both animals and the environment was undoubtedly three times the price of my regular products.

Recently i've found myself shopping more and more from Ocado as their choice for vegans is in my opinion the best. Their website is also always very clear about what is suitable for vegan consumption  where as others like Tesco's can often get this wrong which can be really frustrating especially when you're shopping online and unable to read the back of the box.

I'd heard some really good reports online about Astonish cleaning products and I was pleased to see that they were available to buy from Ocado. I decided to order myself a range of their products to try for myself and I was instantly impressed by their prices with the vast majority of items coming in at under £2.00.

Overall I picked up some Super Concentrate Non Bio Detergent Lavender & Ylang Ylang for £1.99, Lemon & Ginger Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid for £1.00, Antibacterial Spray for £1.35,  Silke Soft and Clean & Protect Hand Wash both for £1.39 each.

It's been a few weeks now since my new cleaning products arrived and i've been able to put them all through their paces at home and form some opinions. First and foremost I am always a big fan of any vegan and cruelty free product which has the all important stamps of approval on their packaging. I'm pleased to say that all of the Astonish products are both Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society approved and certified. You can have a little read of Astonish's commitment to producing cruelty free products here.

The product that I have been most impressed with would have to be the laundry detergent. It smells incredible, goes a long way and has done a splendid job of both cleaning and softening my laundry. I would usually spend well over £5.00 on laundry capsules in the past so this is a really great find.

The washing up liquid has been equally as impressive. The lemon and ginger fragrance is really fresh and zingy and importantly it has done a good job of cutting through the dirt on the dishes. I also really like how the lid faces downwards as it means you get every last drop out of the bottle. I tend to use my dishwasher more than I do hand washing up so i'd be really interested to see how the Astonish  dishwasher tablets compare. 

The antibacterial spray really appealed to me because it can be used in your kitchen, bathroom and on most food surfaces. I usually buy a separate kitchen and bathroom spray so it's really handy to have one product for all uses which is effective in killing germs. The bottle is a big 750ml and towers above my usual 500ml bottles in the cupboard which makes it even greater value for money. I was also so happy to see that 4p from this product will go towards helping Astonish raise £10,000 for the RSPCA in their current promotion

Hand wash is a product which I seem to buy a lot of as I use it in my kitchen, bathroom and downstairs toilet. I like to use anti bacterial hand washes at home so it was great to see that all of Astonish's hand washes are anti bacterial and come in a variety of colours and fragrances. I chose to buy Silke Soft and Clean & Protect and my first impressions have been very good. 

The bottles look really smart and quite fancy with their silver tops. They remind me of the nice Bayliss & Harding bottles of hand soap I used to use. Silke Soft has a pleasant subtle fragrance whilst Clean & Protect is bursting with a wonderfully fresh fragrance which screams clean at me! I can't fault either of these hand washes but with other flavours such as Chocolate Orange and Cranberry & Cinnamon i'd be interested in trying others from the range until I find my firm favourites.    

So let me just sum a few things up for you all.... Astonish household products are importantly:

Cruelty Free
Great value for money
Convenient to buy
And did I mention that they're a British company? 
All the views expressed within this review are completely my own and the products were purchased by myself from Ocado. This post is in no way sponsored by Ocado or Astonish. 


  1. I use Astonish too and their products are amazing! Really affordable and works just the same, if not better, than other non cruelty free and vegan products! Lovely post :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

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