Wednesday 16 September 2015

The Vegan Kind #TVK23

I feel like this hasn't been a great month for me and my TVK box which started off by me seeing loads of spoilers on Twitter before my box had arrived - don't you just hate that!? It does kind of ruin the surprise and unfortunately it's one of those things where once you see the photo you just have to have a look. Still, from the photos that I did see it looked like another great box so I was excited to receive mine. 

When it did finally arrive I was so impressed by the contents and they all looked like amazing products. But I think this month I learnt that looks can indeed be deceiving! 

My reviews are always honest and 100% my own opinions and sadly this month they're not very positive ones. From having a look on Twitter I can see that this month has saw some mixed reactions to TVK23 and some items I have really disliked others have found to be ok. So ultimately it really does come down to personal opinion and tastes. 

So what did we receive and what did I think?

No word of a lie, after one taste these they went straight into the bin! There's no other word for these other than weird. Crunchy coconut flakes which are flavoured with smokey paprika sound much better than they were. It wasn't a pleasant experience! To be sure I had my husband taste one too and he pretty much spat it out. I would have to go as far as to say that for me personally this has been my worst product so far received by TVK. 

These crispy fruit snacks really reminded me of the dry and powdery fruit you get within cereals like Special K. They were ok but personally I wouldn't choose to want to snack on these on their own. I guess if you enjoy your cereals then they would make a good topper but aside from that I wouldn't have any use for them. Maybe it's just me but if I wanted a healthy fruit snack I would get much more enjoyment from eating a piece of fruit so this isn't a product I would buy again. 

For me this was the best snack product in this months box and it tasted pretty good and chocolatey which I love. If I saw this in the shops I would probably buy it again and i'm pleased to have been introduced to this brand. 

This was the by far the best product in this months box. I love Faith in Nature products anyway and already buy them and it just so happens that the coconut range is my favourite. So it's fair to say that I was more than happy to see this included in this months box. Part of me feels like it wasn't that long ago we received a coconut Faith in Nature product but i'm certainly not going to complain. But it is nice sometimes to be introduced to new brands and products. 

Out of all the products this was the one I was most excited to try as it looked divine! However, because of its amazing appearance,  I think this is the product I was most let down by. It just looked so chocolatey, moist and delicious but when I bit into it it ended up being very bland and dry which I wasn't expecting at all. After one mouthful I didn't want to try anymore which was kind of amusing as prior to tasting it me and my husband had been almost fighting over it! I just found this to be very disappointing but I have seen tweets which indicate others have enjoyed it so maybe it's just me!? When I read that it was paleo and free from dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, soy, corn and only contains natural sugars maybe I wasn't as surprised that it didn't taste that great. Im sure for those who do live by the paleo and gluten free diets that this was probably a great treat for them but personally I am just here for the Vegan goodies and that's why I signed up to the box. And I know Vegan goodies can taste much better than this!

I saved my popcorn until last because I knew that this was a product I couldn't be disappointed with as how hard can it be to get popcorn wrong? Well I was in for a surprise because this just so happened to be the most tasteless popcorn i've ever tried! Also, and very weirdly, my packet seemed to include wet pieces of popcorn. I thought that maybe I was going crazy but after chatting to a couple of others online we all agreed that the popcorn tasted wet in places. So bizarre! There is no way that I would choose to buy this popcorn again when there are other great Vegan friendly brands such as Propercorn and Tyrells out there. 

Finally, the iced green tea. I have never been a fan of iced tea, especially over a nice hot cup of tea. So even before I tried this I knew it probably wasn't going to be for me. And I was right. Sadly the taste just isn't for me but I don't doubt that this is a great product for those who enjoy it. 

The total value of this months box is £13.87 and I paid £13.15 inc. delivery to receive it. So on the whole, and if you enjoy the products, the box is good value for money. However, if you have an experience like I have done you do feel like you've thrown some money away as I probably would have never bought these products, aside from the shampoo of course.

So as you can see this wasn't a great TVK month for me and I feel sad because it is the first negative review I have had to write. But one bad box out of 12 isn't so bad I guess and it doesn't change my love for this Vegan company. 

What did you think of this months box? I'd love to hear, especially your thoughts on that wet popcorn and the disappointing brownie. 

  Here's to hoping that next month is a better and more tasty box!


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  1. Totally agree with you on that coconut thing... What was it trying to be?! x


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