Monday 17 August 2020

Pulled Oats - The Perfect Protein? | AD

One of the best things about being vegan or vegetarian lately is the huge amount of choice we are now spoilt with. I remember when I first made the decision to give up meat and how challenging it was to get a decent meal out in a restaurant or find anything appealing in the supermarket. Recently i've felt unable to keep up with all of the new releases and innovations, particularly when it comes to plant based proteins and meat alternatives. 

The newest release is by revolutionary Finnish 100% plant-based protein, Pulled Oats. The innovative oat-based protein, from makers Gold&Green, is described as the 'Perfect Protein' and can now be bought from all Planet Organic stores and and is soon to be rolled out nationwide.

They have two new products Pulled Oats Natural Mince and Pulled Oats Tomato Mince which will appeal to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians and pretty much anyone who is trying to eat less meat or who is simply looking for delicious tasting and versatile protein alternatives.
Containing as much protein as beef (approx. 30g per 100g), Pulled Oats is made with just five simple plant-based ingredients: oats, yellow peas, faba beans, gently pressed rapeseed oil and salt. Pulled Oats is the perfect option not only because of its nutritional value and amino acid composition, but also because it's so delicious and easy to use. It's super versatile, easy to prepare and can be used in both warm and cold dishes. Pulled Oats contain absolutely no animal-based or genetically modified ingredients, soy or additives. And, on top of all of that, it's also good for the planet too!

The patented innovation stems from treating ingredients with the utmost respect and maintaining the goodness of the food by doing as little as possible to it. The simple ingredients are sheared, heated, and baked together, resulting in a tasty high-quality protein.  

I couldn't wait to give the Pulled Oats a try and I took some inspiration from a range of tasty meat free recipes which can be found online here! One of my favourite evenings of the week is when I do an at home Mexican feast for dinner and I just knew that Pulled Oats would work perfectly in these dishes.  

I'm all about ease and convenience when it comes to cooking and one thing I really love about this protein is how simple and easy it is to cook. You can roast it in oven, fry in a pan, heat in sous vide or microwave. It also cooks quickly which makes it perfect for those meals that you want to be able to knock up fast when you're super hungry! 

Those of you who have followed me for a while will already know that I'm someone who isn't always overly keen on mock meats, especially when they're too realistic and remind me of the real thing. I'm pleased to say that I didn't get that feeling at all with this product. Whilst it gave me a really nice, tasty and filling meaty consistency it didn't make me think of anything that comes from an animal. 

There are so many different options for Pulled Oats and there are a number of other dishes I'm really looking forward to experimenting with including spaghetti bolognese, meatballs, burgers and also using as a pizza topping. It's such a versatile product, the options are endless!    

At £4.70 for a 175g box, I think Pulled Oats are reasonably priced, particularly when compared to meat based alternatives such as organic minced beef. When taking into account all of the ethical, health and environmental benefits of this product vs a meat based product, it really is a no brainer.  

Eating in a healthier and more sustainable way has never tasted this great!  

This post was created in collaboration with Pulled Oats
All views and opinions expressed are completely my own 

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