Monday 8 July 2019

My Favourite Mental Health Podcasts

One thing i've really got into over the past year is podcasts. I never thought I would become a podcast kinda person but now I couldn't quite imagine my life without listening to a podcast every night when I go to bed. They've become a solid part of my evening routine and it's something I find myself looking forward to every day. I'm also certain they've helped me to go off to sleep better and stay asleep for longer.

I read somewhere recently that podcasts are becoming more and more popular as socially we spend more time online than we do going out and there's a part inside all of us that actually misses talking to people more and being a part of a conversation. Loneliness is also becoming an epidemic not only in the elderly generation but now across all ages so it's clear to see why podcasts are rising in popularity. There is something quite comforting about listening to others have a chat!

There are a few podcasts I absolutely love and regularly listen to but the ones that seem to bring me the most comfort are those related to mental health. Mental illness can feel extremely isolating and it can feel like you're the only person who really understands and gets how you're feeling. To have the ability to listen to others share their stories and experiences is something I never knew how much I needed.

Bryony Gordon's Mad World

Bryony's podcast was the first mental health focused podcast I ever listened to and I was completely hooked from the start. I've read many tweets and blogs where people have openly discussed their struggles with mental health but I don't think i've ever heard people talk so deeply and openly on the subject in an interview. Initially I think I felt quite shocked by the realness that was being shared because i'd never really experienced that before. Any conversations i've ever had with others around mental health tend to be somewhat guarded and I know in myself that I don't always want to share every dark little detail. This podcast really is a breath of fresh air and I so hope Bryony makes more episodes soon!

Favourite episode: 19. Mad World: 'Deliciously Stella' Bella Younger 

Fearne Cotton's Happy Place

I know Fearne's podcast is on a lot of people's favourites lists and that's because it really is very good. Fearne also has a great voice to listen to. I really enjoy the variety that Happy Place brings to the table and the diverse range of people that Fearne interviews. The podcast delves into what brings people happiness in their lives and touches on mental health struggles. Fearne shares a lot of her own experiences and the different ways she is able to find joy in her every day life. I’ve often found this podcast very relatable and I always take away a piece of useful information or advice that can help me in my own life.

Favourite episode: 26 Mar 2018 Stephen Fry

Mentally Yours 

I was really glad when I found this podcast because there's a heap of episodes that cover a wide range of different mental health related topics. Many of the episodes are also a bit shorter than what I usually listen to so this one tends to be my 'go to' when I don't have as much time or it's way past my bed time. Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott of chat to a different guest each week and have discussions around the weird things that can go on in our minds.

Favourite episode: #7 Emetophobia (Fear Of Being Sick)

No Really, I'm Fine

This podcast is quite new on the scene having only started in May of this year but already it's one that i'm really enjoying listening to. Hosted by journalists Gemma Sherlock, Kate Lally and Micheal Pearson, they focus on a variety of different mental health and wellbeing topics including depression in a digital age, Love Island and male suicide. Again this is a very reassuring and insightful listen whether you struggle with your mental health or not.

Favourite episode: 11th June Depression in a digital age: 
‘A honest reminder about how to control your online space’

There's a few other podcasts which never fail to cheer me up that I thought were also worth a mention…

Please let me know if you have any other podcast recommendations you think I'd enjoy. 
I'd love to hear some of your favourites too! 


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