Tuesday 26 September 2017


If you find yourself in East London and in need of a great vegan burger I'd really recommend heading over to Brick Lane and checking out Mooshies. It's been on my hit list for a while so as soon as we had a spare Sunday available we headed into London to check it out. Now we live closer to London and a train station I am hoping to be able to get to visit more vegan eateries to review as it's something I really enjoy and have missed being able to do so easily. We decided to visit Mooshies on a Sunday as this is the day of the week when Brick Lane and the surrounding Spitalfields area really comes alive with markets and lots of amazing foodie stalls. 

I'd heard really great things about Mooshies so I was really looking forward to trying it out for myself. I'm not entirely sure if there are any other vegan only burger bars in London so just the thought of this one got me really excited! When we arrived I was pleased to find that it had a really laid-back and chilled atmosphere. It's exactly what you would expect from an eatery in this area. 

There are four main burgers on the menu to choose from - the 'Pulled Mooshie' which consists of jackfruit,  BBQ sauce and coleslaw. The "What's Your Beef' burger which is a patty made from quinoa and black beans and comes with vegan cheese, onions, gherkins and lettuce. The "Fillet-Om-Phish' which is battered aubergine, Mooshies tartar sauce, seaweed, lettuce and vegan cheese. And finally the 'Brick Lane Bhaji' which includes tomatoes, onions, coriander, asian guacamole and mango chutney. It was quite a difficult choice deciding what to go for as they all sounded amazing! In the end though we both opted for the 'What's Your Beef', as it struck us as the most burger like burger, with a side of sweet potato fries and chick pea bites. 

The 'What's Your Beef' burger really did live up to expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. I was actually really pleased to see that it wasn't a mock meat patty and instead made from quinoa and black beans as I always prefer actual vegetable based ingredients opposed to mock meats and this combination in a patty works really well. All the other toppings really made it feel like the ultimate burger experience too! 

To be honest, after the burger and fries there really wasn't much room left for our other side of chick pea bites so we had to get these put into a takeaway container to take home with us. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our bellies when it came to ordering! They were however the perfect snack for once we got home and we felt hungry again. They're really like falafel consistency and texture and go amazingly well with the spicy side dip. 

I would definitely go back to Mooshies again and recommend it to all of you! It's so great to see a purely plant based burger bar like this and to see that it's clearly a hit with the public as we struggled to find a table initially. It's the perfect place for a pit stop and re-fuel if you're in the area but I would also say it's worth a visit even if you're outside of London like us. 

Have you tried a Mooshies burger yet!??

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  1. The sweet potato fries and the chickpea bites look amazing! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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