Friday 24 March 2017

The Vegan Kind #TVK41

The lovely people at The Vegan Kind have kindly asked me to collaborate with them on some regular reviews and unboxing videos of their vegan subscription box which I am so happy about! You may remember that a year or so ago that I used to write monthly reviews of this box when I was a subscriber and it has always been a favourite vegan box of mine. I'm really excited to be receiving this box again and I can't wait to share the contents with you all! 

This months box #TVK41 was an incredible selection of vegan goodies and as soon as I opened my box I was blown away by the variety and quality of each item. 

Inside The Box   

As always the box contained a newsletter and a recipe card. This months recipe for 'Superfood Falafels' was by Ginger Vegan who I had surprisingly never heard of before but am looking forward to following more of in future. 

10p from every one of these boxes sold is donated to a different charity or campaign every month and this month it was Vegan Connections who were benefitting from sales of this box. Vegan Connections is is a free vegan magazine in Scotland which aims to enrich vegan culture in Glasgow and they're currently running a Kickstarter to ensure that they can remain a free publication. 

I've always really liked how The Vegan Kind boxes give something back to meaningful causes and  I like how they ask their members and followers on social media for suggestions so there's a chance to put forward your own favourite animal / vegan charity.     

These Smoked Bacon flavoured snacks by Hoots were probably my favourite item from this months box, although it was definitely difficult to pick a favourite as they were all so good! I've always really liked Hoots snacks and think they're a great healthier alternative to crisps. I don't think i'd ever tried this flavour in the past though and I was amazed by how much they reminded me of an old favourite bag of crisps - Frazzles! They taste so similar it's uncanny. I think it would be fair to say that these got demolished pretty quickly!

Another item included in #TVK41 were these 'Cajun Kick' dry roasted chickpeas by Garbanzo. These were so moreish and another really great item to snack on. They're high in fibre, high in protein and have a low GI making them a really healthy alternative. They're a new product and will be available to buy from their online shop from 24.03.17 along with other flavours including Wasabi & Thai Sweet Chilli. 

I was really excited to try these 'Seaveg Crispies' by Clearspring because I absolutely love seaweed and they also look like nothing I have ever come across before. These are really light, thin and crispy toasted nori snacks which can be enjoyed on their own, with sushi or over salads and noodle soup. When I first tried them they really reminded me of the outside layer of sushi rolls. I found myself picking at them regularly before dinner and the more I ate the more I enjoyed them!  

Believe me when I say that I can't believe how good this dairy free fudge by Melting Pot is. It is incredible! In fact now that i'm thinking about it again I can actually feel my mouth watering! I've tasted some different vegan fudges in the past but this seriously beats them all. I've had a little look at their other non dairy fudges available and i'm really excited by the other flavours available so i'll definitely be buying some of these.  

I was so happy to find a Sarelle Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar inside this box because it has long been a favourite vegan friendly chocolate of mine. If you haven't tried one yet then head down to Tesco or Asda and pick yourself one up because they're so delicious and very similar to the Kinder Bueno chocolate bars. They go down a treat with a cup of tea or sprinkled on top of some ice cream!  

I've never been a fan of drinking milk or milkshakes, even back in my dairy days, so I admit to handing this Oatly Chocolate Milk Drink over to my husband who was more than happy to taste test it for me! He absolutely loved it and decided to make use of it in a smoothie which worked really well. His enthusiasm for this drink encouraged me to have a try and I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. This oat milk drink contains protein, carbs, fibres and healthy fat along with being enriched with calcium and vitamins. It's jam packed full of all of the good stuff and can be used to quench your thirst, on top of your cereal or in your blender.   

Another favourite vegan brand of mine, Faith in Nature, were featured inside this box in the form of their Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang shower gel and foam. This handy little bottle was only 100ml which meant it was the perfect travel size for taking away with me on my recent trip to Copenhagen. Great timing! I am yet to try a Faith in Nature product that I don't love and i'm pleased to say that this was no different. If you like natural beauty products that are also cruelty free and vegan friendly then you really can't go wrong with this brand!  

Vegan cheese can be really hit and miss with me and whereas some people will rave about all of the different dairy free varieties now available, I tend to steer away from them. Since going vegan I don't ever really miss cheese so i've never felt like I am missing out on it by no longer having it with my food. But I know for some other people giving up cheese can be the hardest part of going vegan so I really do think it's amazing that there is so much choice out there now.

Despite my own personal feelings on vegan cheese I was happy to find this bag of 'Easy Cheezy Sauce Mix' by Terra Vegane inside this box as I am always open to trying new things. I've also seen this brand of vegan cheese around and on other peoples blogs so I am curious and excited to give it a go for myself. Keep an eye out over on my Instagram page to see what I create with it!

If you like the look of The Vegan Kind box then head over to their website to check out their different boxes and their online shop which is full of vegan treats!  
* This blog post review was created in collaboration with The Vegan Kind.
All views & opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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  1. Oh wow this looks incredible! Like, I'm drooling here... the fudge, the cheese, and the frazzle-tasting snacks ahh I might have to try this sub box, I've never tried any kind of sub box before but this might sway me :P

    Amber Love Blog


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