Tuesday 15 December 2015

Planet Pure Laundry Liquid

When making the transition over to a vegan lifestyle you will undoubtedly look to change your diet first and foremost, then perhaps your make up and cosmetics and it may be the case that your household and cleaning products come as a slight after thought along the process. Well that was the case for me anyway and over a year into my journey I am still considering different household and  cleaning brands.  

When The Vegan Lifestyle Association approached me about trying and testing some new Planet Pure laundry liquid I was more than happy to take part as I am still searching for my go to product for my washing and I am also always excited to discover new brands. 

Planet Pure products, sold via Fair Living, are most importantly both vegan and cruelty free which are the main stamps of approval that I look for on any of the products that I use.  

Their products are also certified organic to Austria's exacting standards with the ingredients deriving from unmodified plants and organic essential oils used for the fragrance. I admit that I don't make a point of shopping only organic but if a product I am using does only contain natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals it can only be a good thing for both you and the environment. 

As if all of that wasn't already enough, the whole range of products is produced to fair trade standards, thus benefitting the community in India who grow the soapnuts, which provide the cleaning power, as well as the workers in the factory in Austria, where socially disadvantaged people are employed.  In the UK they work with a social enterprise in Hereford for shipping who employ people with special needs. 

There are a number of different laundry liquids available from Planet Pure, all of which are beneficial to different fabrics and skin types. I was sent the 'Fresh Lavender' variety which is suitable for all fabrics. A 510ml bottle size will give you approximately 12 washes and costs a reasonable £3.99 whilst the bigger 1.55l bottle will give you 38 washes for £8.99. Financially it makes more sense to go for the bigger bottle but it's nice to have the option of the smaller bottle, particularly if you're looking to try this brand for the first time. 

When I opened my bottle of laundry liquid I was really impressed by the strong lavender fragrance. I'm not sure why but my preconceptions were that maybe it wouldn't smell that great or as powerful as other detergents but I was wrong. It would seem that the essential oils used within these detergents work really well. 

I was also a little surprised to see that the contents of the bottle consisted of a watery brown liquid but this is indeed what purely natural cleaning products look like! This does make me question even more so the ingredients within conventional detergents which produce such a wild array of colours that we're so often used to seeing. 

I have been using this laundry liquid all week and my initial reaction is a good one. One of the first things I done when removing my wet washing from the machine was smell it and again I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the initial fragrance from the bottle made a lasting impression on my clothes. Also, and considering that no additional fabric softener was used, my clothes felt pretty soft once they had dried. Sometimes my husbands t-shirts in particular can appear a little stiff once they've dried out but that wasn't the case this week. 

I was also sent a bottle of Planet Pure's stain removing spray which I shall put to good use as and when I have a suitable stain that needs busting. It claims to be able to remove the toughest of stains including red wine and grease which I will be interested to try and report back on.   

On the whole the detergent performed how I would expect any other to which is pretty impressive considering it's all natural, vegan and cruelty free. It was effective in cleaning my clothes and left them feeling soft and smelling fresh. I would most definitely be inclined to purchase this product again and it's great to know that by doing so I would be doing good for my wellbeing, the animals, and our planet.
* This review has been organised by the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION. It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. All views expressed within this review are my own. 



  1. Great and thorough review Sarah thank you! I have some too and can't wait to try it now... ch x

  2. This is nice. Thanks for sharing with us. This is good to know


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