Friday 20 March 2015

Meat Free Week

If you didn't already know the 23rd - 29th of March is Meat Free Week and it's a great opportunity to have a break from eating meat and discover some cruelty free alternative food. 

Meat Free Mondays have been such a huge success around the globe but it's now time to ask people to take that extra step and try out a week of living meat free. 

If you love animals, would like to be healthier and help the environment you live in then this is definitely the challenge for you! 

You can sign up and make your pledge at the Meat Free Week website.

This week I have created a Facebook Event in aid of Meat Free Week so feel free to join this and discuss with others how you're week is going and share meal ideas! I will also be on hand to answer any questions and help you out if you need me to.

Yes it will be a challenge, especially if you currently eat meat every day. But it's such a worthwhile cause that will hopefully encourage you to think more mindfully about the amount of meat you consume every week.

In my opinion, and looking back over years gone by, meat was only ever considered a treat, for example - with your roast dinner on a Sunday. The levels of meat that people are consuming now on a daily basis is completely unsustainable for the world to continue to produce.

Cheap meat is even worse - you need to think about why that meat is so cheap and what kind of life that animal had before being killed. The cheaper the meat the worse the conditions!

When, and if, you decide to go back to eating meat it would be amazing if you could source it from a more ethical provider like your local farm shop opposed to the mass produced meat within large supermarket chains.

Perhaps don't eat cheap meat all week and look forward to spending a little extra on a piece of high quality meat for your weekend. Enjoy it, savour it and give some thought and thanks for where that meal has come from. After all a life has been lost to feed you!

Good luck with the challenge and I hope that it opens your mind up a little to the enjoyment of eating vegetarian food! And remember by living on a vegetarian diet you can save up to 100 animals lives a year! 


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