Sunday 18 January 2015

Breakfast Berry Smoothie

There's no better way to start the day than a smoothie! FACT.

This month I have been experimenting with smoothie making and I have realised that there isn't really any right or wrong with it....

Just add in a load of fruits you like along with a superfood like chia or flax seeds, perhaps some coconut flakes or almonds, a bit of ice if you like them cold and away you go!

This morning I came up with this super merry berry smoothie. It consists of a mix of frozen berries, banana, a red apple, dates, chia seeds, coconut and a few grapes. I added a small handful of muesli on top and enjoyed with a spoon.

Smoothies are so refreshing and filling. This one kept me going past lunch time!

If you're a bit new to smoothie making like me, I can really recommend the 101 Smoothie Recipes app by Joe Cross (creator of the Fat, Sick & Neary Dead documentary). This really opened my mind up to the ingredients you can use in a smoothie whilst also offering up some decent recipes to try out.

Get blending!

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