Sunday 15 February 2015

Body Shop Make Up

I have always been a MAC Cosmetics girl and a big fan of their make up but since finding out that they test their products on animals I have been keen to move away from the MAC brand.

If you are a woman you will know it's really not easy finding make up that works for you. It can be a costly experiment trying out different products until you find one that you're satisfied with. And once you do find one that you love nothing will make you change it!

That's how I felt about MAC anyway, until I began to educate myself more about animal testing and cruelty. I now want to be more conscious about what I spend my money on and contribute towards.

Unfortunately MAC Cosmetics, and their owner Estee Lauder, are not listed on the cruelty free companies guide by PETA or Cruelty Free International's website.

I was extremely disappointed when I found this out so I emailed their customer services department to ask them directly, but unfortunately the reply I received back just confirmed what I had already found out online.

So the time has come to find myself some new make up!

I know it's not going to be easy, and it's probably going to cost me more initially whilst I search out the perfect cruelty free brand for me. But in the long term it's 100% the right decision. There is no way I can continue to use products that I know are tested on animals.

This month I have decided to start with a brand that I know and one that has been recommended to me - The Body Shop.

The Body Shop appeals to me not only on price but also on accessibility. I know that there is a Body Shop in most shopping centres and high streets - something that I haven't been used to with MAC. I know with all brands now you can buy online but I still enjoy the hands on shopping experience, particularly when purchasing new products as its near on impossible to select what colourings are best for you online.

I am now about three weeks into using my new products and have started to form some verdicts. Some items I have been pleasantly surprised with, and others I know aren't going to be right for me.

I have started to come to the realisation that perhaps rather than buying all of my make up from one source, it may turn into a game of mix and matching the best products together from different companies.

So here are my ratings:

Colour Crush Lipstick - 8 / 10
Carbon Eye Definer - 9 / 10
Colour Crush Eye Shadow - 9 / 10
All In One InstaBlur Primer - 6 / 10
Shiver Waves Blusher - 7 / 10
All In One Face Base Powder - 7 / 10
Moisture Foundation SPF15 - 5 / 10
Baked To Last Bronzer - 8 / 10
Super Volume Mascara - 5 / 10

The items I felt most let down by were the foundation and mascara so i'd be looking to change these asap. I like a foundation to feel like its giving me a really good coverage and this one just doesn't cut it. I guess if you like to feel like you're not wearing make up then this may be a good option for you but it doesn't work for me. The eye shadow, liner and lippy were all fab and i'd definitely buy again.

Next month I am planning on trying out Superdrug's cruelty free B. range of cosmetics and hopefully finding myself the perfect foundation.

Sarah x

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